In essence, what we hope to gain from the innumerable amount of effort and resources invested in the success of this project is as clear as water itself. We want to see the large population of Andkhoy and surrounding communities have access to a clean, safe and sustainable source of water for decades to come.

Andkhoy is a region of arid and arable land, dependent and accustomed to centuries of agrarian culture and tradition – epitomised by the number of farmers in Andkhoy. It is vital to remember that a considerable amount of the population of Andkhoy is under the age of 18. Therefore, it is not preferable but rather essential to provide these children with safe drinking water, preventing diseases such as cholera – which the WHO claims to be one of the cardinal problems in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, another prime reason behind this project is because the possibilities and uses of water are endless. Besides drinking, water can be used for cleaning purposes and washing purposes, which is why the Ministry of Public Health is keen to see the progress of the project. Perhaps most importantly, the water supplied by the irrigation project can be used for farming. Subsequently, Andkhoy is a region that is in desperate need of water in order to flourish their crops and improve their harvest. Therefore, this project can directly involve more Afghans in the pursuit of obtaining a safe and legal income and attract them away from other harmful and illegal methods; like crime or drugs. Furthermore, providing water to improve farming can help the people of Andkhoy recapture and regain their cultural and traditional roots by continuing what Andkhoy has been renowned for, for centuries.